Issue No. 10 - Contributing to the Health and Safety of Family Violence Survivors: Reducing the Risks of Secondary Victimization

December 2021

The same family violence (hereafter “FV”) case may involve parallel interventions across several areas of law, each with its own objectives. Little data is available on the number of cases involving the family, child protection, criminal, and immigration law systems, but a report by the Federal-Provincial-Territorial Ad Hoc Working Group on Family Violence (2013) containing information from several sources gives a better idea of the incidence of parallel child protection, family and criminal law proceedings involving the same family. Among other information, the report says that over one third (38%) of lawyers surveyed in 2010 at the National Family Law Program indicated that in situations involving FV, their clients often or always were also before the criminal courts while the family law proceeding is ongoing.

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