Supporting the Health of Survivors of Family Violence in Family Law Proceedings

Many family violence victims seek support through family court proceedings in order to find safety for themselves and their children
but encounter many barriers along the way. Some choose to represent themselves in court, while others have difficulty accessing legal representation that is aware of the impacts of family violence. These processes often lead to poor health due to stress, frustration, and trauma.     

This project, funded by the Public Health Agency of Canada, supports the establishment of five regional Communities of Practice through the Alliance of Canadian Research Centres on Gender-Based Violence. These Communities of Practice comprise survivors of family violence and representatives from the gender-based violence, health, and family law sectors, and work together to:

  • Enhance training opportunities for GBV specialists and Family law specialists to support trauma-informed practice.     
  • Identify strategies for improved communication and awareness across sectors to support family violence survivors as they engage with the family law sector. 



WEBINAR: Substance Use Coercion and Intimate Partner Violence Survivors in Family Court
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WEBINAR: Domestic violence in the context of immigration, Maison pour Femmes Immigrantes
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NEW BRIEF: Issue 13 - Family Law Mediation in Family Violence Cases: Basics & Best Practices
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